G-XPC™ HVLP Turbine Gravity Spray Gun by Fuji Spray

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Fuji Spray's G-XPC™ HVLP Turbine Gravity Spray Gun features a side mounted 400 ml pressurized Gravity Cup, which provides a full range of spraying, and a tilt feature that easily allows the operator to spray in any direction including upwards. The angle of the Gravity Cup can be adjusted easily.

The G-XPC™ Gravity Spray Gun also features a side Pattern Control Knob to adjust the Fan Size and comes installed with a high-efficiency 1.4mm Aircap which is best for fine finishing with lacquers, enamels, polyurethanes, latex, water based coatings and more.

The G-XPC™ Gravity Spray Gun is a non-bleed gun, which means less blowing around of shop dust in the spray area, less paint buildup on the tip of the nozzle, and less noise.

The G-XPC™ Gravity Spray Gun is especially popular with Bathtub Refinishers but perfect for cabinets/furniture and automotive.

  • 1.4mm stainless steel air cap set installed
  • 400 ml (400cc) aluminum gravity feed cup
  • Non-bleed
  • Stay-cool nylon handle (fitted over a metal tube)

Extra G-XPC™ Gravity Spray Gun Aircap Sets also available. (0.7 mm - 1.0 mm - 1.4 mm - 1.8 mm - 2.2 mm)

This spray gun can only be used with an HVLP Turbine (any make). It cannot be used with standard compressors.

Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control™

This control allows the operator to switch from a circular to oval pattern and anywhere in between.

Unlike traditional HVLP turbine spray guns with the front collar adjustment, the Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control™ offers full incremental fan size throughout the whole range. Located on the left side of the spray gun for convenience, it is easy to adjust: turn counter-clockwise for a smaller pattern and clockwise for larger.


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A great gun

Steve Thibeault · Jan 28, 2021

This was my first experience with spraying guns and this gun has made it a breeze.... It is easy to set, and the results are exceptional. I would recommend it to any serious hobbyist.


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