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This product is sensitive to freezing.

Pareo Zero is an oil emulsion for the protection of decks, sidings, fences and other outdoor wood projects. Does not peel or blister. Prevents weathering without altering the original wood tint.

  • Zero solvent
  • VOCs under 8 g / L
  • Prevents wood graying while keeping the wood’s original tint
  • Low environmental impact
  • Allows the wood vein to show through
  • Easy to refresh: can be reapplied without stripping

20 ml sample

Pareo Zero is also available in 20 ml size so you can test the color and finish on a piece of wood before beginning work on a large scale, while minimizing transportation costs. (Flat shipping rate of $3.95 per order, shipped with Canada Post Lettermail).

Samples are not available during months when the temperature is too cold because they would be damaged by freezing during shipping.

The Colorless, Natural and White versions are not recommended on horizontal surfaces as they contain little or no coloring pigments, which also act as protection against UV rays. They can be used without problem on vertical surfaces since there will be no accumulation of rainwater, which creates a magnifying effect and accentuates the intensity of the sun's rays. But using any of these 3 versions of the product on horizontal surfaces, such as a wooden patio, will provide limited protection and lifespan compared to other colors, which contain more pigments.

The 101 - Natural color* is used to preserve the whiteness of the white woods (white pine, cedar, spruce). Do not use the Natural color on colored wood (treated wood, red pine, red cedar, exotic wood).

From left to right: On sanded white pine, on raw white pine, on sanded white cedar, on raw white cedar.

Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

Directions for Use


Stir well with a stick before and while applying. Do not shake. Do not apply under sunlight or at a temperature below 10 °C. The wood must be clean and sanded with a 80 grit sandpaper prior to application. The moisture content of the wood must be less than 20%.

It’s possible to mix some Colorless Pareo Zero to the colored version in order to decrease the color intensity.


Apply with a stain brush, a stain pad or a Flock Foam Floor Applicator. If more than 24 hours have passed since the first application, sand lightly with a 120 grit paper before the second application.

For more information, read the technical data sheet available online at
he use of a spray gun is highly unsuitable for vertical application.

For horizontal surfaces, wipe off any excessive oil after spray gun application.

2 coats of Pareo Zero Colorless or Natural can be applied in order to preserve the wood’s original color.

It is not recommended to use Pareo Zero Natural color on exotic woods, torrefied woods or restored woods (stripped and sanded).

Number of coats :

  • Horizontal surfaces: 2 coats
  • Vertical surfaces: 1 or 2 coats

Drying time:

  • Water resistance: 3 hours
  • Between coats: 6 to 18 hours depending on the moisture content of the wood
  • Cautious traffic: 12 hours
  • Complete drying: 2 days

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946 ml · Burnt Wood $50.95 In stock
946 ml · Cherry $50.95 In stock
946 ml · Chocowood $50.95 In stock
946 ml · Colorless $50.95 In stock
946 ml · Dark Oak $50.95 In stock
946 ml · Grey $50.95 In stock
946 ml · Maple Brown
$50.95 In stock
946 ml · Medium Oak $50.95 In stock
946 ml · Natural* $50.95 In stock
946 ml · Old Pine $50.95 In stock
946 ml · White $50.95 In stock
3.78 L · Burnt Wood $165.95 In stock
3.78 L · Cherry $165.95 In stock
3.78 L · Chocowood $165.95 In stock
3.78 L · Colorless $165.95 In stock
3.78 L · Dark Oak $165.95 In stock
3.78 L · Grey $165.95 In stock
3.78 L · Maple Brown
$165.95 In stock
3.78 L · Medium Oak $165.95 In stock
3.78 L · Natural* $165.95 In stock
3.78 L · Old Pine $165.95 In stock
3.78 L · White $165.95 In stock
18.9 L · Burnt Wood $759.95 Usually ships within 2 to 3 business days
18.9 L · Cherry $759.95 In stock
18.9 L · Chocowood $759.95 Usually ships within 2 to 3 business days
18.9 L · Colorless $759.95 Usually ships within 2 to 3 business days
18.9 L · Dark Oak $759.95 Usually ships within 2 to 3 business days
18.9 L · Grey $759.95 In stock
18.9 L · Medium Oak $759.95 Usually ships within 2 to 3 business days
18.9 L · Natural* $759.95 Usually ships within 2 to 3 business days
18.9 L · Old Pine $759.95 Usually ships within 2 to 3 business days
18.9 L · White $759.95 Usually ships within 2 to 3 business days


Classification Oils & Oil Finishes for Wood
Wood Stains and Dyes
Brand Prato-Verde - Wood Finishing Oils
  • 946 ml
  • 3.78 L
  • 18.9 L
Sold Since May 12, 2018

Modified vegetable oils, water, UV filters, iron oxide

Drying Time

Water resistance: 3 hours
Between coats: 6 to 18 hours depending on the moisture content of the wood
Cautious traffic: 12 hours
Complete drying: 2 days


Sanded wood: 75 to 90 sq ft / L
Sawn wood (untreated): 60 to 75 sq ft / L


< 8 g / L




Milky liquid


Milky liquid


Must not freeze. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.


Satin matt (2 à 6%)


100 - Colorless
101 - Natural
102 - White
103 - Grey
104 - Cherry
105 - Medium Oak
106 - Old Pine
107 - Burnt Wood
108 - Chocowood
109 - Dark Oak


How to maintain a Pareo Zero oil finish without darkening the original color?

To preserve the original wood color when refreshing the finish of your deck, it is recommended to follow two steps. First, to repair worn areas, apply a coat of Pareo Zero oil in the original color.

Then, for the entire deck, use a mixture of colorless Pareo Zero and the original color of the project, at a proportion of 50% colorless and 50% patio color. As for vertical surfaces, apply only one coat of colorless oil if needed.

What are the differences between Prato-Verde's Pareo Zero and Broda's Pro-Tek-Tor products?

Pareo Zero oil emulsion from Prato-Verde and Pro-Tek-Tor by Broda are two similar products, both being emulsified oils containing a blend of modified oil, water, and colorant that acts as a UV filter. Both products offer similar coverage and durability. However, Broda's Pro-Tek-Tor offers a wider range of colors. It is important to note that the drying time of Broda's Pro-Tek-Tor is 24 hours, which is 4 times longer than Pareo Zero.

What are the differences between Pareo exterior finishing oil and Pareo Zero oil?

The differences lie in the composition and properties of the two oils. Pareo Zero oil emulsion from Prato-Verde is modified to be water-soluble, making it emulsifiable. Due to its high water content, it offers less dense coverage than traditional Pareo oil, which is solvent-based. However, it is more environmentally friendly, contains zero VOCs and zero solvents, is almost odorless, and can be cleaned with water. Although its purchase cost is lower, it still offers excellent durability.

On the other hand, regular Prato-Verde Pareo Oil is composed of a blend of vegetable oils and mineral solvents, and does not contain water. It emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to the solvents used. However, it offers superior coverage, up to 40% more than Pareo Zero oil in some cases, and the final result is aesthetically richer. However, it requires the use of a mineral thinner for equipment cleaning.

Pareo Zero is generally used for wood fences as well as treated wood decks and patios. The blend of water and oil facilitates absorption by the wood, allowing the oil and colorants to remain trapped in the wood cells for better UV protection.

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Renee Stephen · Dec 27, 2021

Used the "cherry" stain for our red cedar decks, and they turned out absolutely beautifully. After a winter and a half they are still going strong. Thrilled with how it looks!

more like concrete paint than an oil finish

Tara COUTURE · Sep 5, 2020

We had used the Osmo decking oil on another project and it turned out beautifully. Unfortunately, the Osmo has been on back order most of the summer so we went with this product in grey as a substitute. It looks more like an opaque paint than an oil, even with one coat. The colour "grey" looks like silver paint, the colour of the "Tinman". With such a high cost product, we now have a cedar deck that looks like it was painted with concrete paint.

Other colours may have a different effect, but this one is simply ugly. We are now in a situation, with fall on its way and many other projects to get through, of starting over. As Ardec does not give refunds, that means, buying more product to strip (as recommended by them) and then a whole other product to redo. We will be sticking with the Osmo, even if it means going without this year.

Ardec · September 8, 2020

We appreciate all customer feed back as that is what make us better at helping our customers.

We are sorry that for the result you obtained.

Ardec offers sample sizes in the Pareo Zero by Prato Verde to help customers choose the right color. Having used the samples to test the color this situation would have been avoided. We stand by the Pareo Zero as being an excellent exterior finishing product.

Perhaps applying the product to one or two boards would have been sufficient to determine that the colour was not quite as wanted. Unfortunately, now that the whole surface has been covered it will need to be stripped and sanded in order correct the situation. It would have been possible to stop the application after one or two boards being completed which would made it easier to fix by either diluting the grey color with the colorless in the Pareo Zero or by simply choosing a different color all together.

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