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Wood Cleaner and Brightener is an excellent water based cleaner. Wood Cleaner and Brightener will whiten the color of any white or exotic wood while deep cleaning it.

Wood Cleaner and Brightener can be used on the terraces, cladding, garden furniture and exterior woodwork. This product contains oxalic acid who is the best whitening molecule for restoring the original color of the wood structure.

It’s entirely biodegradable and contains very low toxicity. The Wood Cleaner and Brightener can be used after the application of Finico Wood Stain Remover.

Please note that this product's formula has recently changed. This product is now ready to use. For further information, please refer to the instructions on the container.

Directions for use


  1. Protect surrounding vegetation by watering it before and after treatment.
  2. The product is ineffective on wet surfaces; ensure the surface to be treated remains dry.
  3. Ready to use.
  4. Always perform a test of the product on a small area before use.


  1. Apply the product to the dry surface to be treated using a sprayer, floor brush, or paintbrush.
  2. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  3. Ensure the surface remains well soaked with the product during the waiting period; reapply as needed.
  4. Scrub the surface with a brush and rinse thoroughly with water OR use a high-pressure water jet (1000 to 3000 psi) to remove dirt and grime. Rinse completely until all foam is eliminated.
  5. Allow the surface to dry completely and repeat the application if necessary, or apply a new coating.


Classification Wood Restoration
Brand Prato-Verde - Wood Finishing Oils
Size 3.78 L
Sold Since June 4, 2018
UPC 684163003193

Water, sulfamic acid, oxalic acid, 2-Ethyl hexanol EO-PO surfactant.

Drying Time

12 to 48 hours, depending on temperature and humidity


200 sq ft / L


0 g/L




Sour odor


Translucent liquid


Protect from freezing. f the product has been exposed to cold temperatures, allow it to return to room temperature for 24-48 hours before using.

Shelf Life

Store in an airtight container at a temperature between 10°C and 25°C. The product has a shelf life of 12 months under these conditions.

Tools cleaning


Recommended Surfaces

Raw, oiled or stained wood

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