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RMC Hybrid Wood Protector is a genuine ‘monocoat’, suitable for coloring and protecting all exterior wood in 1 single coat The oil protects wooden sidings, patios, shutters, portals, garden furniture, pontoons, etc. from discoloration and weathering. The easy application and maintenance makes this oil an exceptionally user-friendly product.

  • Based on patented RMC technology using integrated UV stabilizer.
  • 0% VOC, does not contain any water or solvents.
  • Suitable for almost all types of wood, can also be used for interior applications!
  • Easy to apply, very high covering power, and fast-drying.
  • Not film-forming. Does not flake or peel off.
  • Maintenance with the same product. No need for sanding!

The pigment in the various RMC Hybrid Wood Protector colors contributes to the protection of the wood from greying. The PURE color is not pigmented, which will cause the natural greying to occur in exterior environments. Applying light colors (White, Natural, etc.) to horizontal surfaces is not recommended.

Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

Directions of Use

RMC Hybrid Wood Protector can be used indoors and outdoors to treat surfaces like parquet floors, wooden bathroom furnishings, kitchen worktops, and external timber decking. These items are often used intensively which is why it's obligatory to add 10% of RMC Accelerator to the oil.


  1. Remove all residues from previous finishes. Clean the surface using RMC Exterior Wood Cleaner
  2. Stir the oil thoroughly before use.
  3. Once the cleaned surface is dry, apply a coat of RMC Hybrid Wood Protector with a flat brush.
  4. Let the product react for 10 minutes. Smooth the surface again with the same brush (without applying new product).
  5. After 5 minutes, wipe off traces of excess product with a cotton cloth.
  6. Let dry for about 24 hours. Complete curing takes place after 7 days.

Tips and tricks

  • The preparation always has to be done with RMC products.
  • The product must not be diluted under any circumstances
  • Stir the product well before application. When using several containers at one site, it is recommended to mix them for an even result.
  • Never apply in direct sunlight and at temperatures under 10°C. Only work when weather conditions are dry.
  • Do not cover and do not place heavy objects on the wood until completely dry.
  • Horizontal surfaces need to be rubbed dry if they are exposed to rain within 24-36 hours after applying the oil.
  • When RMC Hybrid Wood Protector is combined with an optional pre-treatment with RMC Sunprimer HWP, 10% of RMC Accelerator must be added to the oil (during step 2 of the instructions above).


  1. Sand the surface scratch-free. Vacuum thoroughly and then eliminate remains of dust with RMC Cleaner.
  2. Add 10% of RMC Accelerator to the oil. Stir thoroughly before use.
  3. Once the cleaned surface is dry, spread out a small quantity of the product with a cloth.
  4. Leave to react during a few minutes.
  5. Thoroughly remove all excess oil with a cloth. The surface should feel dry.
  6. Let dry for about 24 hours. Complete curing takes place after 7 days.


20 ml · Black $10.95 In stock
20 ml · Charcoal $10.95 In stock
20 ml · Chocolate $10.95 In stock
20 ml · Grey $10.95 In stock
20 ml · Light Grey $10.95 In stock
20 ml · Look Ipé $10.95 Out of stock
20 ml · Natural $10.95 In stock
20 ml · Pure $10.95 In stock
20 ml · Royal $10.95 In stock
20 ml · Taupe $10.95 In stock
20 ml · Teak $10.95 In stock
20 ml · White $10.95 In stock
100 ml · Black $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Charcoal $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Chocolate $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Grey $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Light Grey $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Look Ipé $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Natural $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Pure $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Royal $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Taupe $34.95 In stock
100 ml · Teak $34.95 In stock
100 ml · White $34.95 In stock
1 L · Black $214.95 In stock
1 L · Charcoal $214.95 In stock
1 L · Chocolate $214.95 In stock
1 L · Grey $214.95 In stock
1 L · Light Grey $214.95 Out of stock
1 L · Look Ipé $214.95 In stock
1 L · Natural $214.95 Out of stock
1 L · Pure $214.95 In stock
1 L · Royal $214.95 In stock
1 L · Taupe $214.95 In stock
1 L · Teak $214.95 In stock
1 L · White $214.95 In stock


Classification Oils & Oil Finishes for Wood
Brand Rubio Monocoat
  • 20 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 1 L
Sold Since April 18, 2022

On exterior wood: approx. 30 square metres per litre
On interior wood: approx . 50 square metres per litre


0 g/L




Linseed Oil


Colored liquid


The product can be stored for up to 36 months in dry conditions and when stored in the original packaging. Keep away from frost.

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