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Fusion Ultra Grip allows for Fusion Mineral Paint to adhere to surfaces that are typically not for painting such as a lacquered surface, melamine, thermofoil or laminate.

This non-toxic, water-based ultra adherent primer creates little, tiny, (invisible to the naked eye), peaks and valleys on a smooth surface, creating ‘teeth’ for the paint to adhere to.

  • Made with industrial strength acrylic resin and is super adhesive tough and hard wearing.
  • Safe to use indoors.
  • Non-toxic.

Directions for use

  1. Apply a very thin coat using a Staalmeester Microfiber roller, a fine quality synthetic brush, an applicator pad, or a sponge. No matter what you apply with, be aware that Ultra Grip will hold texture and that texture can show through to the final layer of Fusion Mineral Paint. To avoid this, ensure you apply Ultra Grip in a very thin layer. If you must use a brush, ensure it is a fine synthetic fibre and the coats are ultra thin. It dries very quickly so do not brush back and forth or you will create texture. The product is milky in the bottle, but should be clear when applied.

  2. Allow surface to dry for 2-12 hours (depending on the surface) before applying subsequent coats of Fusion colours. Clean up with water. Painting over Ultra Grip should be done 12-24 hours after applying for optimal results on particularly glossy and difficult surfaces. If uncertain, test your methods prior to tackling a full project.

How do you know if you need Ultra Grip?

Do a test: Paint a small inconspicuous area of your project. If you see lacing, that is paint separating. As long as you followed all the proper prep / cleaning steps and you experience this, then you will need Ultra Grip. If you didn’t clean, this could mean there is a wax on your piece. Try cleaning it with an odourless solvent first.

How do you know if you need more than one coat?

If when applying Ultra Grip it starts to separate or lace on the surface, just allow it to dry and apply another coat. Your second coat should ensure excellent surface adhesion. You can re-coat after 2 hours if you need more than one coat of Ultra Grip

What else can Ultra Grip be used for?

Ultra Grip / Bonding Agent is used for Milk Paint when painting a shiny surface. It is added into the mixed Milk Paint for the first coat to insure adhesion.

This product can also be used to create texture. You can try experimenting with it if you love to create textured finishes.

Ultra Grip can also be used in the application of decoupage. Apply a coat of Ultra Grip to dry overnight, place your decoupage to the surface and use a hot iron over some wax paper. This reconstitutes the Ultra Grip and causes a strong bond with the decoupage. This insures no wrinkle and bubbles which you can sometimes get when decoupaging!


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Classification Wood Paints
Brand Fusion Mineral Paint
  • 250 ml
  • 500 ml
Sold Since November 10, 2022
Drying Time

Dry time : 2 hours
Re-coat time : 2-12 hours


Enough for 4 Pints of Fusion Mineral Paint


Generally speaking one 500ml, 16.9 fl oz container will cover 75 square feet, or more or less 7 square meters.


0 g/L




Mild characteristic odour


White Liquid (clear once dry)


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Do not freeze. Recommended storage temperature: 0 - 30°C (32 - 86°F).

Fusion has tested all their products to ensure a freeze/thaw stability and they certify that freezing does not affect the PH balance nor the integrity of the products. Fusion products can freeze and thaw up to three times without any risk.


300-550 poise @0.5 rpm



Recommended Surfaces


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