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The Original Series 2010 oval shaped universal paintbrush features the Staalmeester synthetic blend and is suitable for applying both synthetic and water based paints. The oval brushes are the most popular brushes for furniture painting because their oval shape makes it easy to switch between small and larger surfaces with the same brush. It can be used on small surfaces such as spindles, window frames, but also on larger areas such as doors, vanities, etc.

The Original Series contains the Staalmeester fiber mix, which is a combination of white natural Chungking bristles and synthetic bristles. The natural bristles hold more moisture allowing for a smooth application. This series was designed for all types of water-based paints and can be recognized by the coppered ferrule.

  • Super smooth fine brush stroke free finishes
  • Ideal for blending techniques on large, flat surfaces such as tabletops and doors
  • Suitable for applying top coats such as polyurethane varnishes or gel stains



#40 - 42mm (1 5/8")
$32.99 In stock
#45 - 48mm (1 7/8")
$38.99 In stock


Classification Accessories / Paintbrushes
Brand Staalmeester
  • #40 - 42mm (1 5/8")
  • #45 - 48mm (1 7/8")
Sold Since November 9, 2022


Filament Type

Blend of Chinese natural bristles and synthetic fibers

To Clean

Wash with a Brush Cleaner to maintain this brush for life. Do not let paint dry on the bristles, submerge in water just below the ferrule and let soak if you have no time to clean your brush. Come back later to wash it out with brush cleaner.

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