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Ultra-Adherent Primer by Finico


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The Ultra-Adherent Primer allows water-based and milk paints to adhere to metal, glass, laminate, melamine, baked enamel, PVC, as well as on painted, varnished or lacquered wood surfaces. This Ultra-Adherent Primer is a water-based concentrated acrylic emulsion. The Ulra-Adherent Primer doesn’t contain solvent nor VOC and is almost odorless.

Directions of use

Preparation : Shake well before using. Clean the surface to be painted with T.S.P. Sand lightly to roughen the surface. Always test adhesion before starting on a large area.

Application :
Use with water paint : Apply a thin coat of adherent primer paint with a paintbrush or a roll directly on the surface to be painted. Let dry 2 hours before applying paint.

Use with Milk paint : For the first coat, mix one part of the ultra-adherent primer for two parts of milk paint already mixed. For an even stronger grip you can mix 1 to 1.

Can be used to provide adhesion to milk paint on already painted walls and ceiling. Use 1 part of primer for 5 parts of milk paint.

Application tools :
- Foam brush or poly-nylon
- Foam roller or micro-fiber

Number of coats : 1 coat

Drying time : 2 hours


Classification Wood Paints
Brand Finico
Sold Since May 15, 2009

Polymer emulsion


75 to 100 sq ft / L


0 g / L




Latex odor


White viscous liquid


Keep at room température, protect from frost

Tools cleaning

Soapy water


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