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Milk Paint by Homestead House


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Homestead House Milk Paint is a casein based natural paint. Milk Paint is often used for the reproduction of antique furniture.

Homestead House Milk Paint can be applied on almost any surfaces. However, an adherent for milk paint or methylcellulose must be used when applying on nonporous surfaces.

Milk Paint needs to be protected by applying a finish, such as wax or oil.

Homestead House Milk Paints are VOC free, completely biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Please note that does not carry this product line anymore. This product can be replaced by Old Village Buttermilk Paint.

Directions of use

Preparation : Mix 1 3/4 of water parts for every Milk Paint part.

Mix with a mixer. When the paint looks well mixed, test the mixture on a wood piece. Continue to add water to lighten the color.

Make a test on a wood piece. Once dry, lightly sand and apply any oil or wax to see the final color. The apparition of small white stain means that it needs to be more mixed or that it needs more water.

It’s possible to add water to lighten the color.

After obtaining a satisfying sample, mix for 10 seconds then pour in a wide neck container.

It’s important to stir frequently the Milk Paint with the paintbrush before and during the application to avoid sedimentation.

To avoid sedimentation, it’s possible to add methylcellulose to the preparation.

Application :

  1. Apply the stain equally. Remove all air bubbles that will have formed, if it’s the case, by returning with the paintbrush (if these bubbles are not removed, the finish will be spotted).

  2. Let dry one hour.

  3. Rub the surface softly in the direction of the wood grain with a steel wool # 000 or a sanding paper.

  4. Two coats are usually necessary to obtain a good efficiency. Before applying the second coat, dust off the surface with a clean humid cotton rag. When the second coat is dry, a second soft sanding if necessary.

  5. Make sure that everything has been dusted off before proceeding to the last step.

  6. To protect the wood that you just painted, many finishes are available : Wax, natural oil and varnish.

Application tools : Paintbrush

Number of coats : 2 coats

Drying time : 1 hour between coats


Category Paints
Brand Homestead House paint co.
Sold Since September 25, 2006

Casein, calcium carbonate, kaolloid clay, hydrated lime, pigments, minerals.


170 g / 40 to 60 sq ft
454 g / 150 sq ft
2.27 kg / 600 sq ft


0 g / L






Mild dairy odor


Granular powder

Tools cleaning

Soapy water


Many colors


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