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Behlen PDE Paint Remover comes as a powder. Mixed with water, it will create a powerful remover that will dissolve up to 8 layers of old paint, latex, casein (milk paint), and oil. PDE Paint Remover's fumes are non-toxic, and they pose no acid or fire hazard.

PDE Paint Remover will make scraping easy, even for thick, hardened paints. PDE is a paint remover and is not suitable for lacquer, shellac, varnish, or urethanes.

How to Use

  • Mix one part of powder to one part of water, using any container except aluminium or plastic.
  • Pour powder slowly into cool water, while stirring.
  • Let the mix stand for five to 10 minutes until it has formed a thick paste, and then re-stir into a cream. It is normal for the mixture to increase in temperature from reacting with the water.
  • Apply a thick uniform coat of remover to the surface with a nylon paint brush.
  • Some layers will dissolve in minutes, but it might take as long as an hour to completely dissolve some crusty old antique paints.
  • The warmer the temperature (at least 18C or 65F), the quicker the removing action.
  • A mist spray of water will keep the action going.
  • Spot test with a wet cloth and when you can see the original wood surface, wash everything by rotating a rough wet cloth or medium steel wool pad.
  • Some wood may darken but a quick after wash with vinegar or oxalic acid will quickly resotre the natural wood tone.
  • Clean surface thoroughly with water before applying new finishes.


Category Restoration
Brand Behlen
Size 454 g
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