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Epifanes Easy-Flow is based on a selection of natural oils. The formulation produces a versatile, multi-purpose additive (rust-inhibitor, wood-sealer, and flow-enhancer) or stand alone coating to be applied either on wood or steel.

How to Use

  • As a Flow-Enhancer (Additive): Epifanes Easy-Flow can be added to all conventional single part and half-synthetic paints and varnishes to improve the flowing capability in any conditions less than ideal. Ideally suited for paint or varnish application in cold or extra hot conditions. Recommended percentage is between 5% and 10%. The addition of Easy-Flow will extend the wet edge time, reducing the possibility of lap or brush marks.

  • Application on wood: Epifanes Easy-Flow can be applied full strenght onto bare wood as an impregnating wood sealer. In addition, Epifanes Easy-Flow can be added to wood primer up to 25%, as a substitute for brush thinner. This will provide better protection to the wood, will improve adhesion, and produce an excellent base for the subsequent paint system. Prior to wood application, ensure that the wood is dry, sanded and free of contamination.

  • Application on steel: Epifanes Easy-Flow prevents rust. Easy-Flow has the ability to penetrate existing thin layers of rust through to the steel. Before applying Epifanes Easy-Flow, first remove loose rust. After a drying time of 12-24 hours, the surface coated with Epifanes Easy-Flow can be recoated with the first coat of a rust preventing system like Epifanes Multi Marine Primer, to which 5-10% Easy-Floow is added. Epifanes Easy-Flow dries initially with a surface tack. This means that the layer is slightly tacky. This creates very good adhesion for subsequent paint coats.


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Size 500 ml
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Colorless liquid

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