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SamaN Waterbased Exterior Clear Coat is a water based 100% acrylic finish recommended for exterior wood surfaces: doors, windows, cladding, garden furniture, etc. Formulated with mold inhibitors and UV absorbers, it will provide a flexible and water resistant finish with good adhesion properties. SamaN Waterbased Exterior Clear Coat will protect wood against weathering, growth of mold and UV rays exposure.

  • Protects against mold, cracking and peeling
  • U.V. protection
  • Ideal for: Fences, doors, windows, moulding, wood rails.
  • Low VOC


Surface Preparation: The surface must be dry, free of all dirt, mildew, wax, grease and oil free. Prior to application old scaling varnish must be removed. It is recommended to sand the surface. All humidity or contaminants will effect, in an important way, the varnishes adhesion.

  1. Varnish must be well mixed before using.
  2. Apply 2 or 3 coats following the wood grain, lightly sanding between each coat. Allow 1 to 3 hours between each coat.

New wood: Sand to obtain a smooth and uniform surface

Old wood: Bring back to new

Stained or Exotic wood: Adhesion test with the varnish must be done on the surface

Varnished wood: Sand to obtain optimal adhesion. If varnish is scaling, strip wood and bring back to new.

Recommended Conditions for Application: Wood humidity level must be lower than 12%, temperature between 59-77°F (15-25°C). Avoid varnish application under direct sunlight, nightfall, or if rain is imminent.

Recommended applicators: Good quality synthetic paintbrush, spray gun.

Coverage: Average coverage 110-140 sq. ft. / 32 oz (946 ml)

Cleaning: Clean tools with water immediately after usage.


946 ml · Satin $31.95 In stock
946 ml · Semi-Gloss $31.95 In stock
3.78 L · Satin $105.95 In stock
3.78 L · Semi-Gloss $105.95 In stock


Classification Wood Varnishes
Brand SamaN
  • 946 ml
  • 3.78 L
Sold Since May 25, 2017

110-140 sq. ft. / L


115 g / L




Keep in a dry area. Avoid Freezing.

Tools cleaning

With water immediately after usage.

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Great product!

Jeremy Simpson · Apr 23, 2020

Used this product, goes on very easy, dries quickly. Finished product after 3 coats has a nice shine and wet look to it. Very happy!


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