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Perfect Finish is a new line of brushes handcrafted using a proprietary filament blend and painstaking brush building techniques to provide painters the fastest and most accurate brush cutting experience. Featuring super sharp tips and silky-smooth filaments, the Perfect Finish line is built for exceptional performance. Recommended for the application of water based varnishes.

  • Proprietary Synthetic Blend
  • Accurate cutting for maximum production
  • Excellent coverage and virtually no brush streaks
  • Super sharp tips and silky-smooth filaments
  • Easy to clean
  • Hardwood handle


1 unit · Angular - 1½" (37 mm)
$7.95 In stock
1 unit · Angular - 2" (50 mm)
$10.95 In stock
1 unit · Angular - 2½" (63 mm)
$12.95 In stock
1 unit · Angular - 3" (75 mm)
$17.45 In stock
Box of 10 · Angular - 3" (75 mm) $134.95 In stock
Box of 12 · Angular - 2" (50 mm) $91.95 In stock
Box of 12 · Angular - 2½" (63 mm) $124.95 In stock
Box of 16 · Angular - 1½" (37 mm) $97.95 Out of stock


Classification Accessories / Paintbrushes
Brand Nour
  • 1 unit
  • Box of 10
  • Box of 12
  • Box of 16
Sold Since March 18, 2022
Surface Type

Wood (primed), Drywall (primed), Masonry Block, Plaster (primed), Stucco




For Varnishes and all Paints

To Clean

Alkyd Paints: wash in solvent, then in warm soapy water. Dry, comb and store in reusable package.

Latex Paints and Varnishes: wash in warm soapy water. Dry, comb and store in reusable package.


What brush should be used when applying water-based varnish?

It is crucial to choose the right brush for applying varnish. It is recommended to opt for a brush with synthetic bristles with very fine tips and high retention capacity. If the brush has bristles that are too large and stiff, it can result in lines forming in the varnish that will not disappear during drying. On the other hand, the finer and more flexible the bristles, the more satisfactory the final result will be. Ardec customers have a special preference for Nour brushes, specifically the Brilliant Finish, Perfect Finish, and Smooth Finish models, when it comes to applying water-based varnishes.

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