Traditional Gesso recipe

Mathieu Beaulieu · Customer Service · Jun 21, 2013, 14:39

The Gesso has to be applied warm and indoor only.

Ingredients :

100 g of Rabbit Skin Glue
1 Liter of cold water
1 kg of Whiting powder

For a more economical Gesso, replace the Rabbit Skin Glue with some already prepared Fish Glue. Add some lukewarm water to lighten the Fish Glue.

Glue preparation :

In 1 liter of cold water, add 100 g of Rabbit Skin Glue grains (let swell for 12 hours), heat in a “Bain-Marie” while stirring with a wooden spoon (ideal temperature is 40 to 50 °C), the glue must not boil.

Conservation :

15 days in the refrigerator maximum.

Gesso preparation :

In 1 liter of warm Rabbit Skin Glue, add up to 1 kg of Whiting powder.
Traditional Gesso is perfect to use on bad condition woodwork and furniture.

Application :

Apply a thin coat of neutral skin glue or colorless fish glue. Once dry, apply using a paintbrush the traditional Gesso using as many coats necessary, let dry for 2 hours. Then sand down using a 220 grit paper to even the surface.


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