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Tips, techniques and advices on wood finishing.


Hardwood floor finish suggestions

4 responses · Jun 20, 2024 · by Andrew
Hello, I'm in the process of refinishing the hardwood floors in our living room. We moved into this house when …

Raw Oak Finish

8 responses · Mar 16, 2024 · by Flach
Whenever I'm in Europe I see raw oak which has a protective finish on it but the natural colour isn't …

Repairing water damage on antique wooden furniture

7 réponses · 9 Fév 2024 · par Claus Frosch
Hello everyone! I am reaching out to seek your expert advice on an issue that has recently come to my …

Best Oil for Hardwood Floor Maintenance

2 responses · Feb 28, 2024 · by Gusto35
I'm looking for some advice regarding old hardwood floor maintenance. I'm working with a 100 year old oak hardwood floor. …

Cabinet/furniture finishing

3 responses · Jan 1, 2023 · by Alan Lyons
I am a small scale cabinet maker working mostly with pine, hard maple and oak. My typical finishing method for …

Osmo decking Oil

3 responses · Feb 28, 2023 · by Griffith
Hi, I have read on-line some good reviews on this product. Mostly from the UK. I have a fairly large …

Picking the right paintbrush

4 responses · Jan 13, 2022 · by lr
I am using General Finishes milk paint on the legs of a dining room table. Should I be using the …

Maple tree root stump

2 responses · Oct 15, 2021 · by Jung Chee
Any suggestions for how I should finish this large Tree root stump for outdoor or indoor use as a coffee …

Old deck restoration

4 responses · Jun 19, 2021 · by Alexey
Could someone advise what would be the most efficient way to restore dried out wool on deck floor and handrails? …

Blonde Shellac on Swamp Ash

3 responses · May 10, 2021 · by CH
I am looking to finish a solid body guitar, swamp ash with Ardec Super Blonde shellac. Has anyone tried this …


2 responses · Jan 20, 2021 · by Robert Chase
LIFETIME WOOD TREATMENTS: I have had several pine boards custom painted with my military units logo plus inscriptions. I do …

finishing Ash for outdoor table top

2 responses · Jul 9, 2020 · by Rookie finisher
Hi, I am new to this forum and have a question about finishing a piece of white Ash, picture attached. …

Dresser finishing help!

1 réponse · 20 Déc 2019 · par Mitzi Walker
I am building a dresser for my new granddaughter, and am trying to match a finish on the bed purchased …

Advanced Buttermilk or Milk Paint Antique finish look technique

1 response · Sep 18, 2013 · by Tommy Pilon
As a follow-up to this method which has previously been posted to our Forums, here is a more advanced technique …

How does water borne oil finish work ?

0 responses · May 25, 2014 · by René Carrier
How does water borne oil finish work ?

Top Ten

0 responses · May 25, 2014 · by René Carrier
Top Ten: Learn the basics of when and how to use these finishes and you will be well on your …

Simple Buttermilk or Milk Paint Antique finish look technique

0 responses · Sep 16, 2013 · by Tommy Pilon
Here is a simple and popular method which will allow you to give an antique finish look to furniture, shelves …

How to maintain a waxed furniture

0 responses · Jun 27, 2013 · by Mathieu Beaulieu
Here’s some advice to remember when we want to maintain a waxed furniture. Always dust off carefully the furniture before …

Maintenance of butcher blocks and cutting boards

0 responses · Jun 27, 2013 · by Mathieu Beaulieu
Cutting boards, butcher blocks or any other surfaces in contact with food are easier to maintain if they are treated …

How to color Linseed oil

0 responses · Jun 27, 2013 · by Mathieu Beaulieu
How to color Double Boiled Linseed Oil for beautiful effects in shades of light Oak to Wenge. Liquid or water …

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