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Griffith · Feb 28, 2023, 11:08


I have read on-line some good reviews on this product. Mostly from the UK. I have a fairly large deck and have been using deck wood oil for about 10 years. The product I was using Auzzie wood oil has changed ownership and the formula. I have seen many reviews which aren't all that flattering.

I have read some recommendations to apply two coats of the Osmo decking oil. I have never done 2 coats over the 10 years. I will use a wood detergent to remove the grime from the trees around the deck before applying a new coat of this oil. I am in Ottawa and the deck has a south west exposure thus lots of snow and tons of sun.

Should I apply 2 coats of this product?

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Marilyn · Technical Support · Feb 28, 2023, 14:08


Unfortunately, we can not advise on applying Osmo Decking Oil over the Auzzie Wood Oil as we do not know this product.

When changing a finish, it is recommended to strip (if required) and sand previous finish off. Surface preparation and following manufacturer instructions are the key to a successful project.

2 coats of the Osmo Decking is always recommended. Also. choosing with a color pigment will give you a superior protection against harmful UV rays.

Sample sizes are available for color testing which is strongly recommended.

Hope this helps!

Griffith · Mar 1, 2023, 12:52

Hi Marilyn,

Thx for the response. Interesting point about the different products. I apologize for not being more precise. The product I have been applying since the deck was built is Cabot Australian Timber Oil. At the time the deck was built there was commentary on-line about a formula change (and perhaps a company change) with this product which had degraded the performance. My partner made a trip down to the states to get 2 5 gallon jugs of the original formula. I just read at least in part the story behind the formula change was for environmental protection reasons. My bad. Should have read more closely at the time. It's likely the oil based versus more recent water based timber oil on the deck.

I have been been using Behr deck cleaner for areas which have seen a lot of traffic e.g. stairs scrubbing the entire area with Behr deck cleaner, washing them off, letting them dry then applying the Cabot Australian Timber Oil. I have focused mostly on the horizontal surfaces but there is sufficient fading on the vertical surfaces to justify re-doing them as well.

Is using the Behr as described above equivalent to what you mean by "stripping" the previous finish off?



Marilyn · Technical Support · Mar 1, 2023, 13:50


I honestly can't say for sure if this will work. The Behr products looks like a cleaner.

I was suggesting a product like the Prato-Verde Wood Stain Remover

As previously mentioned, I do not have experience with the Cabot Australian Timber Oil . I strongly suggest testing to see which product works the best.

It will be important to make sure to remove all previous product so that the Osmo decking oil can penetrate the wood completely.

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