Restoring a 20 year old deck

AlHa · Jun 8, 2020, 11:04

Hello, I am looking to restore my 20-year old pressure treated wood deck which is starting to deteriorate from the weather conditions and greyed out. I was considering giving it a good cleaning and pressure wash to get the grey out, and then applying a few coats of Tung Oil to preserve it and extend its life. Any thoughts on which product(s) I should be using to accomplish this? And I have read up two opinions around using concentrated tung oil versus thinning it out 50-50 with a Citrus Solvent type thinner. For my application, should I be thinning or not?

Marilyn · Technical Support · Jun 8, 2020, 17:00

We do not recommend Tung Oil for this type of restoration.

We would recommend cleaning with a wood Cleaner & Brightener such as the Finico. Then applying a product with a color pigment to protect from UV rays.

Pareo Zero by Prato Verde and Broda Pro-Tek Tor DR are popular products.


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