Dresser finishing help!

Mitzi Walker · Dec 20, 2019, 17:55

I am building a dresser for my new granddaughter, and am trying to match a finish on the bed purchased from Target. The reason I am building the dresser is to customize the size, as the one that is available to match the bed is very small. The wood on the bed is oak, and appears to be painted and glazed to simulate an aged wood look. I am using red oak to build the dresser, but it is breaking my heart to slap paint on it. I'm hoping to find a wood stain/glaze combo that will closely match the bed without using paint. I may have to paint, but I'm exploring all my options. Attached are photos of the bed and finish. Any suggestions you might have will be greatly appreciated.

Marilyn · Technical Support · Dec 23, 2019, 10:24

Hi Mitzi,

Thanks for contacting Ardec!

The bed appears to be white oak and you mentioned using red oak for the dresser, two different colors of wood. It will be difficult to obtain the same look as the wood you will be using has a reddish tint.

You could use a paint that is slightly diluted to match the white oak color and then apply a topcoat of varnish that has the same finish as the bed.

Happy Holidays!


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