Cabinet door finishing for novice!

JoeClark · Nov 21, 2017, 08:38 · Last edit: Nov 21, 2017, 09:56


I just built my first set of cabinets and doors. I am very happy with the result. Poplar face frames and poplar door frames with mdf panel. I am trying to match a finish on some other cabinets in our kitchen. It is cream color (which I will get color matched to paint), mocha glaze. I am looking for advice on the safest way to get the best finish. I have a Rockler HVLP gun. I like BM Advanced paint.

Will I need 1 coat primer, 2 coats paint, glaze, clear protective coat? And if so, is BM Advance Primer and paint good? What product should I use for glaze and protective coat? Should all layers be sprayed or just some?

I don't want to spray or use anything that requires air feed respirator... and I don't have explosion proof fan. I would also prefer not to have the painting take 10+ days to complete if I can help it.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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René Carrier · Technical Support · Nov 22, 2017, 08:33

Here is the list of recommended products for this job.

Lacquer White
Lacquer clear

As for glaze, I can not help you because of the color that is unpredictable.

To finish the job I recommend you apply a finishing lacquer


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