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Rabbit Skin Glue by Briançon


Rabbit Skin Glue is a natural binder. It can be used with coloring earths for the fabrication of traditional paints and glue based Gesso.

Rabbit Skin Glue can be used in the preparation of lime coatings and for wood painting primers. Rabbit Skin Glue is also used in the application of gold foil. It’s in the form of crystals.

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Directions of use

Preparation : Soak 100 g of Rabbit Skin Glue in 1 liter or cold water. It will gelified. After, melt in a Bain-Marie to use (the glue must not boil).

For a rapid use, put the glue in warm water and stir regularly, the gelatin will form by cooling, work when warm using Bain-Marie.


Classification Wood Glues
Brand Briançon
Sold Since March 11, 2008





Brown crystals

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