New Finico products

Mathieu Beaulieu · Customer Service · Jul 26, 2013, 09:00

Three new finico products are available on

Wood Stain

Finico is launching a brand new Wood Stain. The water based Wood Stain is specially designed for the coloration of wooden furniture and woodwork. Wood Stain can be easily covered with varnishes, oils, lacquers or wood waxes. Designed to resist UV rays, Wood Stain can be applied on exterior and interior surfaces.

Wood Stain is ideal for the coloration of furniture, cabinet, kitchen counter, doors and windows, trims, panelling, kids furniture and stairs. Wood Stain

Danish Oil

Finico Danish oil is now available on

Specially designed for the restoration and finishing of wood, Danish Oil features a unique composition that allow to refresh old and dull varnishes and lacquers without having to perform any stripping.

Danish Oil can be used easily on old and modern furniture.

Danish Oils have been used for centuries by northern people for their unique properties and their ease of use to restore antiquities.

Danish Oil provides a very resistant satin finish, permeable to aging and yellowing. Danish oil


Finico is offering a new Dryer, specially designed to accelerate the drying time of finishing oils for wood.
The new composition cobalt and lead free of the Finico Dryer can reduce in half the drying time of oils like unpolymerized Tung oil, Linseed oil, Hemp oil and also most oil paints and varnishes. Dryer


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