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Iron Sulfate by Ardec


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Iron sulfate is also known as green vitriol, can be used as a wood mordant to accentuate the coloration of vegetable stains.

Iron sulfate can also be used to set vegetable pigments in many other applications. Iron Sulfate is also used to gray white wood.

Directions for use


Dissolve 60 to 80 g of Iron Sulfate in 1 liter of water. It will result in a greenish water. One coat of Iron Sulfate solution for a very tannin wood like Oak, Walnut, mahogany and Cherry wood will give a silver gray to a blue steel color.

Species such as maple, beech, birch or cedar will have a less pronounced color due to the low level of natural tannin.


Handle with care, work in a ventilated area, wear protective glasses and gloves.


Classification Wood Stains and Dyes
Brand Ardec
Sold Since January 14, 2009

Iron Sulfate


Green crystals

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