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Deterol - Soap by Carver


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We have discontinued Deterol, we recommend the use of Bonito Soap for Oiled Wood for the maintenance of oiled floors of all brands.

Deterol, from Carver's Green Line series, is a soap designed for oiled hardwood floors care. Deterol cleans and nourishes wood, dilutes easily in water and is ideal for either home or professional use.

Deterol is made from vegetable oil derivatives and is appropriate for any oiled hardwood flooring, although it has been specially designed for floors treated with Primol Plus and Greenol Plus impregnating oils.

How to Use

Notice before using:

  • The maintenance with DETEROL can start not before 7 - 10 days after the impregnation treatment.
  • Dilute DETEROL only in water.
  • Warning! As a general rule, wood floors should not be flooded with plenty of liquid, but wiped with moist clothes or mops.
  • Protect from freezing!


  • Dilute the product with water approx. 1 : 100, then wipe the floor using a soft cloth or a mop previously soaked in the solution and thoroughly wrung.
  • It is advisable to use two buckets: one with the detergent solution, the other with clear water, to regularly rinse the cloth or mop to remove dirt.
  • Let the floor dry without rinsing!


Category Wood Maintenance
Brand Carver - Products for Wood Floors
Sold Since July 21, 2014

Water, Vegetable Soap, Cocounut Fatty Acids Sodium Salt, Organic Solvent.


0 g / L


Mild coconut odor


Yellow liquid


Keep in a dry and cool place away from frost. If the product has frozen, allow the product to thaw at room temperature for 24 hours without stirring.


Compatible with : Wood oils, Dergos.

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