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EMTECH EM6600 Raven Black Water Based Spray Lacquer from Target Coatings is a production lacquer that can be used either as a stand-alone satin topcoat finish or overcoat with another clear finish in order to create a deeper, high build image.

EM6600 Deep Black Spray Lacquer is also rated for kitchen cabinet face surfaces and moderate chemical exposure areas. EM6600 offers superior hiding power on poplar, maple and birch, as well as on MDF and other engineered substrates when coupled with HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/Filler.

Its low VOC formula, along with quick hiding and fast recoat time makes EM6600 an excellent option for custom and production finishers alike.


How to Use


  • Fine sand surface to be finished with the appropriate grade sandpaper based on the type of final finish required.

  • For application to ferrous metals it is necessary to apply an anti-rust primer such as
    Tremclad Water Based Rust Primer prior to application of EM6600.

  • If the surface to be finished has a grain-filling type glaze, sealer or paste; ensure that the systems are compatible with one another by preparing a test panel before proceeding.

  • Certain solvent-based fillers and glazes may prevent proper adhesion of the topcoat if not thoroughly cured. Ensure that grain fillers have been sanded with a minimum of 400-grit sandpaper and all contamination is removed. Oil-Based glazes should be air-dried and tested to ensure proper early adhesion of the water-based topcoat.

  • All surfaces to be finished must be clean and free of oil, dust and contamination that may cause fisheyes or poor adhesion. Clean surface with denatured alcohol or fresh water. Allow surface to thoroughly dry before proceeding.

  • Mix the product thoroughly.


  • Apply the lacquer using an HVLP a spray gun, nylon-polyester brush or 10 mm roller. The product can be used without being diluted with water or with the [SA5 Retarder]. However, the use of SA5 can be useful to slow down the drying time of the lacquer when applying on large surfaces or in warm temperature.

  • Apply a first coat and let dry 20 minutes. Apply a second coat and let dry for 20 minutes. Repeat the operation until you obtain the desired finish.

  • If more than 24 hours have passed between two applications, lightly sand the surface using a fine sanding paper.

  • Once the desired finish is obtained, polish the surface using a cotton rag or a polishing brush.

Use only in well ventilated areas. Avoid inhaling spray mist. Wear a NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator during spray applications.


946 ml
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3.78 L
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Classification Wood Lacquers
Brand Emtech
  • 946 ml
  • 3.78 L
Sold Since September 11, 2014

Water, Acrylic Copolymer Resin, Carbon Black, Texanol


350 sq. feet per gallon
92 sq. feet per litre.


50 g / L




Mild Acrylic odor


Black liquid

Tools cleaning

Soapy water


See technical data in the "Documents" section below

Freeze/thaw stability

Avoid too many freeze-thaw cycles. If the product has frozen, allow the product to thaw at room temperature for 48 hours without stirring.

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Sprays very nicely

Marcel Ball · Sep 6, 2021

Sprays very nicely in my HVLP setup.

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