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Bull Dog Steel Wool


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Bull Dog Steel Wool can be used for numerous workshop jobs. Cleaning, polishing, removing rust, dirt and grease, plus fine furniture sanding, refinishing and more.

  • #0000 (Superfine) : Rubbing down the final finishing coats of shellac or varnish.
  • #00 (Very Fine): Used for polishing of all metals, cleaning insects and grit from glass.
  • #0 (Fine) : Cleaning painted surfaces and woodwork.
  • #1 (Medium): For cleaning pots and pans and all kitchen utensils. For applying wax and polishing hardwood, to tile or linoleum floors.
  • #2 (Coarse) : Smoothing rough surfaces and stripping old paints, shellacs and old varnishes.


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Sold Since September 26, 2018


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