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Poly-Buf™ Rubbing Compound Level III (Super High Sheen) Compounds used after Step 3 Finishing Compounds to achieve the high gloss "wet look."

Start with the medium grade for initially rubbing out a refinished surface. Use the fine grade for rubbing fine scratches and the extra fine grade for extra fine scratches and increasing the gloss.

  • Semi Paste form
  • Quick clean-up
  • Best performance with machine buffing

Directions for Use

Poly-Buf™ Rubbing Compound may be applied by hand or low speed buffer.

Poly-Buf™ Rubbing Compound may be used to remove fine scratches in a finished surface or to initially rub out a refinished surface.

Shake well before using.

Apply to surface and buff in a circular motion using a clean dry cloth or buffing pad. Remove residue with a clean soft cloth.

Poly-Buf™ Rubbing Compound Medium will leave the finished surface with a high gloss sheen. Following with applications of Poly-Buf™ Rubbing Compound Fine or Extra Fine will produce ultra high gloss finishes.


8 oz (236 ml) · Extra Fine
SKU: M890-0034
$32.95 In stock
8 oz (236 ml) · Fine
SKU: M890-0024
$32.95 In stock
8 oz (236 ml) · Medium
SKU: M890-0014
$27.95 In stock


Category Sanding & Polishing
Brand Mohawk
Size 8 oz (236 ml)
Sold Since September 5, 2019


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