Finishing exotic hardwoods containing natural oils

cameron bowes · Jan 6, 2019, 11:32

I am finishing some wood boxes made from Padauk wood. I also use other woods like Purplehart which are oily. I would like to try an oil finish like the Osmo products. I have used Tung oil and furniture wax in the past. What can you recommend?


René Carrier · Technical Support · Jan 6, 2019, 16:47

Osmo's Polyx oil is an excellent product, there is also the oil preventative uv # 410.

We also have the Secondo de Prato-Verde

cameron bowes · Jan 6, 2019, 16:50

The Osmo website suggests using Polyx-oil extra thin for oily tropical hardwoods such as the woods I am using (padauk and purplehart). You do not seem to carry this product. Would it suffice to just thin the product you carry? By how much and with what?


René Carrier · Technical Support · Jan 7, 2019, 07:45


To finish your boxes you can use Osmo Wood Wax Finish clear # 3101.

You can dilute it slightly with Finico's odorless thinner (5%)


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