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Bona Craft Oil 2K is a two-component natural penetrating oil with short dry times and excellent wear-resistance. It is made from modified vegetable oils and catalyzed with a hardener for quicker drying and greater durability.

Craft Oil 2K can be used on its own as a fast-drying, high-performance oil, or can be over-coated with any finish from the Bona Traffic family, to add gloss and minimize future maintenance. Craft 2K oil works perfectly with a wide variety of wood species, including cherry, walnut, smoked oak, and steamed beech.

  • Protection in one coat
  • Long open time and pot life
  • Good resistance against chemicals
  • Available in 8 base colors that are blendable for an unlimited unique palette
  • Coverage rate 600-800 sqft/container

For Professional Use Only

Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

Directions for use


Ensure floor is acclimatized to its end-use environment, well sanded, dry and free from sanding dust, wax and other contamination. Allow product to reach room temperature before use.

Optimal application conditions are between 20-25°C and 30-50% relative air humidity. High temperatures and low humidity shorten drying time, low temperatures and high humidity lengthen drying time.

Minimum temperature for use is 16°C. Use rubber gloves, safety goggles and disposable booties during application.

It is advised to fill minor gaps prior to applying Bona Craft Oil 2K. On floors that cannot be gap-filled it is important to maintain the oil at the surface such as by applying the oil thinly using a cloth wrapped around a pad under a buffing machine. Oil must not be allowed to seep freely into open gaps.

Precautions!: The sanding and the wood’s properties have an influence on the final colour. The colour should only be evaluated after the final finish. Marks, colour differences, uneven colouring, etc. is not fault of the product but are the responsibility of the user! Pay attention to the sanding. If unsure, make a test, including both staining and finishing, prior to use.

Tip: For a more intense and uniform coloration, the wood can be water popped prior to applying oil. Sand and clean the floor. Apply water thinly over the surface with a sponge or short-haired roller. Allow surface to dry overnight before applying oil.

Recommended setup

Option 1 - Moderate/High wear:

  • Bona Craft Oil 2K

Option 2 - Heavy/Commercial wear:


  1. Using a hammer, drive an awl or screwdriver through the top and bottom of the upper container and allow the content to run into the bottom container (min. 1 minute). Remove the upper container and mix the content thoroughly.
  2. Apply and distribute a thin coat of the mixed oil to the floor. On large floors work in sections and overlap wet-on-wet.
  3. Allow the wood to absorb the oil for 15-30 minutes and then buff the surface with a buffing machine equipped with a red or beige pad.
  4. Make another pass with more oil if required to ensure that absorbent areas are saturated.
  5. Allow another 15-30 minutes of oil exposure before removing surplus oil with cotton cloths fitted under a buffing machine.
  6. Let surface dry at least 8 hours (coloured oil min 12h) before resuming foot traffic. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.


Clean the floor regularly using a dry mop and/or a vacuum cleaner. When needed, wipe off with a damp mop with Bona Soap added to the cleaning water. Note: Always clean using as dry a method as possible. For maintenance and upkeep of the surface use Bona Craft Oil 2K Care Oil. The frequency of this operation is determined by the level of wear and may range from every 3rd year in a domestic environment to a few times a year in a commercial environment.

Detailed maintenance instructions are available at


Instructions for Bona Varnishes

To increase the total wear resistance of the floor and to lower the frequency of maintenance, especially in areas where heavy wear is expected, it is recommended to overcoat the surface with two coats of any Bona Traffic/Traffic HD varnish. This recommendation also applies to coloured surfaces where additional protection with varnish will help preserve the original colouration. Note: Bona Craft Oil 2K can only be combined with varnish provided the oil is used as is and not combined with any colouring additive.

  1. Apply a single coat of Bona Craft Oil 2K to the floor according to the standard application. On porous or highly absorbent wood species a second coat is advisable. Remove all surplus material with cloths.
  2. Let dry minimum 8 hours (min 12 hours for coloured oil). Longer dry time may be necessary on tropical wood species and/or under unfavorable climate conditions. To ensure that the surface is dry, rub the surface with a cotton or paper cloth. If the cloth picks up a lot of pigments then the surface is not dry. Only proceed with the following steps when the surface is fully dry.
  3. Buff the surface with a red pad and vacuum floor.
  4. Mix Bona Traffic/Traffic HD with hardener and apply 2 coats using a roller. It is advised to make a gentle intermediate abrasion between coats of varnish to remove eventual grain raise. Only use a Bona Scrad Pad for this purpose.
  5. The floor should only be exposed to light foot traffic the first 72 hours. Wait at least one week before covering with mats or other floor coverings.


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Classification Oils & Oil Finishes for Wood
Brand Bona
Size 1.25 L
Sold Since March 13, 2023

Modified vegetable oils incl. isocyanate hardener

Drying Time
  • Between applications: 15-30 minutes @23°C/50% R.H. Ensure proper ventilation

  • Light use: 12 hours @23°C/50% R.H. Ensure proper ventilation


Approximately 30 square metres per litre, depending on wood type


19 g / L


The temperature must not fall below +5°C or exceed +25°C during storage and transport.

Shelf Life

2 years, from the date of production, in unopened original container.

Tools cleaning

Clean tools with white spirit. Dried material can be removed with white spirit.


Rubber applicator (squeegee), short-haired roller or stainless steel trowel. Red or beige pad for buffing.



Pot Life

6-8 hours

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