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Paint Stripper by Finico

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Finico Paint Stripper is used to strip paints, glues, varnishes, lacquers and tile grouts. The Paint Stripper is an environment friendly professional formula gel.

Entirely biodegradable, Finico Paint Stripper contains very low toxicity levels, is non carcinogenic, non mutagenic and non corrosive. Perfect for residential uses, the Paint Stripper doesn't emit a strong and incommoding odor.

Paint Stripper can be applied on wood, metal and concrete. It's also very efficient on acrylic, alkyd, urethane, polyurethane, latex and enamels.

Directions of use

Preparation : Shake well before using. When working, ambient temperature should be at a minimum of 17ºC.

Application :
1. Apply a 3 mm coat or more with a disposable paintbrush.
2. Let it work for 10 to 60 minutes. Do not let dry, reapply if needed.
3. When the paint is well blistered, remove with a brush or a scraper.
4. Apply a second thin coat and, using a steel wool number 0, rub in the direction of the grain to remove any residue. ( For Oak wood, replace the steel wool with an scrubbing pad (Scotch Brite)
5. When the stripping is finished, clean well the surface with some water.

For better results, cover the surface with a plastic film (garbage bag) and let it stand several hours.

Tools of application : Paintbrush

Drying time : Do not let it dry.

MAY IRRITATE SKIN. MAY IRRITATE EYES. DANGEROUS FUMES FORM WHEN MIXED WITH OTHER PRODUCTS. Do not mix with other household chemicals. Do not breathe fumes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not get in eyes. Do not get on skin or clothing. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Keep away from flames or sparks. FIRST AID TREATMENT Contains d-Limonene; 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone; N,N-Dimethylformamide; Naphtha, light aromatic solvent. If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If in eyes, rinse with water for at least 20 minutes. If on skin, rinse well with water. If breathed in, move person to fresh air.


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Classification Wood Restoration
Brand Finico
  • 1 L
  • 3.78 L
  • 18.9 L
Sold Since December 7, 2009

N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone, N Dimethylformamide, D-Limonene.


30 to 40 sq ft / L


883 g / L




Orange odor


Viscous greenish gel


Keep at room temperature in a hermetic container.


3 years

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