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Aerosol Spray Trigger Handle


The exclusive and ergonomic Aerosol Spray Trigger Handle design from Dynamic has 2 times the leverage action allowing you to spray almost all regular aerosol sprays using up to 9 times less effort than similar products.

It delivers greater control, leeps your fingers away from the actual spray, which helps avoid accidental spraying. Easy, universal fit for all standard spray paint/lubricant/adhesive cans.


How to Use

To Attach:

  • With fingers off the trigger, place can on a stable surface and rotate until spray tip opening points away from you.
  • Firmly grip barrel between thum and 4 fingers.
  • Slide bottom of nosepiece under can's valve rim.
  • Push firmly while rotating handle
  • Do not shake can while holding on to any part of the trigger handle. Always wear protective eyewear. Keep out of reach of children.

To remove: With fingers off trigger and keeping can and handle level, pull firmly while rotating handle away from the can.


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