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The No Blush Plus Retarder by Mohawk replaces the H. Behlen Blush Eraser. An aerosol used to remove moisture rings or stains left behind by a warm or cold cup of liquid which creates humidity on varnished furniture.

The No Blush Plus Retarder lightly dissolves the varnish releasing the humidity from the film.

Directions of use

Application : SHAKE WELL for at least one minute after ball rattles.
Can temperature should be between 65° and 90° F. Hold can 12 to 14 inches away from surface to be coated.
Press spray button firmly. Spray in thin coats to avoid excessive drying times.
Wait a few minutes to see if problem is solved before spraying another coat.
Clean spray button after use by turning can upside down and pressing spray button until no more product comes out.

Caution : Extremely Flammable.


Category Restoration
Brand Mohawk - Finishing Products
Size 365 g
Sold Since December 10, 2011

762 g / L




Strong Solvent


Clear Liquid


Keep containers closed when not in use. Store in cool well ventilated space away from incompatible materials.

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