E-Z Vinyl® Sealer Aerosol by Mohawk

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The E-Z Vinyl® Sealer Aerosol by Mohawk replaces the H. Behlen Vinyl Sealer Aerosol. It is a quick-build sealer, moisture resistant, flexible, and highly durable sealer that offers great adhesion. E-Z Vinyl® Sealer Aerosol is an excellent choice for use under all Mohawk aerosol clear topcoats Stringed Instrument Lacquer.

E-Z Vinyl® Sealer Aerosol is especially good for use under pre-catalyzed aerosol lacquer for spot repairs on kitchen cabinetry, furniture and millwork.

  • 42-46 Sheen
  • Compatible to use under any Mohawk aerosol topcoat
  • Improved moisture resistance
  • Non-Stearated formulation

For Professional Use Only

Directions for Use

Shake well for at least one minute after ball rattles.

Can temperature should be between 65° and 90° F.

Hold can 12 to 14 inches away from surface to be coated. Press spray button firmly.

Several thin coats work better tans one heavy coat.

Allow to dry and then sand with 320 grit sandpaper before topcoating with any Behlen clear aerosol.

Do not use this product as a final finish. It must topcoated with an appropriate final finish and sheen.

Clean spray button after use by turning can upside down and pressing spray button for 5 seconds.


Classification Wood Lacquers
Brand Mohawk
Size 365 g (13 oz)
Sold Since September 20, 2017
UPC 663392002474


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Robert Hawkins · Nov 18, 2021

Great product

Works well

Gabriel Rowley · Aug 7, 2018

This applies easily and evenly. It seals well and there's enough to do a couple guitar in the can. Couldn't be happier with it.

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