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Use Mohawk Salad Bowl Finish on wooden utensils, furniture, butcher blocks and toys. Salad Bowl Finish contains FDA regulated ingredients complying with 21 CFR 175 300. Salad Bowl Finish creates a nontoxic, food safe (in its cured state) finish on wooden bowls, utensils, toys, furniture (not intended for cutting boards, cutting blocks or any other surface that one might cut food upon).

Directions for use


To maintain Salad Bowl Finish's nontoxicity and food safety, apply the finish over raw wood. Maintain adequate ventilation, good air circulation and a dust free environment. Wooden objects with small opening, such as canisters, may prevent proper curing (oxidation) to occur. Room temperature should be maintained at around 72° F. Salad Bowl Finish is a ready-to-use product. Do not add reducers. Use only additional coats of Salad Bowl Finish yo build a finish ( do not apply over other finishes). Mix thoroughly prior to application.


Sand the wood to 320 grit smoothness. Remove all dust with a tack cloth or vacuum hose. Apply Salad Bowl Finish to wood with lint free white cloth in thin, uniform coat. Allow 6 hours dry time be fore re-coating, lightly scuff sand with 400 grit sandpaper. Re-coat and allow 24 hours prior rubbing with nylon mesh pad or 4/0 steel wool. Allow at leas 72 hours cure time.


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Category Oils
Brand Mohawk
  • 236 ml (8 fl oz)
  • 946 ml (Quart)
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