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Qualalacq™ Lacquer Retarder by Behlen


Qualalacq Lacquer Retarder is a precise blend of lacquer solvents. It is added to nitrocellulose lacquer to slow down the dry time. This slowing process prevents "blushing" (turning white or cloudy from humidity) and allows for better flow-out (leveling) of the lacquer.

Directions for use

For best results, start with a 5% by volume mixture with Qualalacq Lacquer. Do not exceed a 10% mixing ratio as this will adversely extend drying time. Since Qualalacq Lacquer Retarder slows drying time, exercise care in recoating intervals and stacking, allowing for longer dry time between coats.


Category Thinners
Brand Behlen
Sold Since April 20, 2018

Isopropanol, pm acetate, acetone, eep, m-xylene, o-xylene, ethylbenzene


683 g / L



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