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The SA5 retarder reduces the viscosity and the drying time of Emtech EM1000, EM6000 and Superclear 9000 series, thus ensuring a better control on the film formation process in difficult conditions.

SA5 eases the brush application of waterborne urethane wood finishes, preventing overlap marks.

The SA5 retarder can also be used as an additive to spray gun application. It facilitates leveling when applied in high temperature and low humidity environments, while also contributing to reduce blushing.

For Professional Use Only

How to use


Measure 2-15% by liquid volume of SA5 to be used in coating. Do not exceed 15% of liquid volume.

Slowly pour SA5 into the finishing product to be reduced. Mix well.

Once SA5 is mixed, let the solution settle for a minimum of 30 minutes before using. If SA5 is not properly incorporated into the finish, fish eyes and poor leveling may occur.

If poor film formation occurs, continue to mix SA5 / finish solution and allow to settle for 1 hour before use. Do not add additional SA5.

If the CL100 Cross-Linking Catalyst is also being used, add SA5 after the catalyst. See directions on CL100 bottle for proper use and handling.


Classification Wood Lacquers
Brand Emtech
Size 236 ml
Sold Since November 21, 2013

Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether, Water






Glycol Odor


Clear Liquid


Keep in a hermetic container at room temperature.

Tools cleaning

Soapy Water


Compatible with EM1000, WB6000 and EM9000 products. Also compatible with CL100 Cross-Linking Catalyst.

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