Use of denatured alcohol to prevent checking in green wood.

Dave Speakman · Feb 4, 2019, 13:19

Hi, I am beginning to turn wood. I'd like to make some stools. I'm using green birch. Green birch that I have rough turned checks quickly. I've tried pentacryl, polyurethane and a linseed oil/beeswax finish on the bowls and placed in paper bags. Checking is slowed but not prevented. It is very dry here. Discs cut for stools will also check quickly. I've read that denatured alcohol will work. A search of this product leads to many different substances. Will the Finico Denatured Alcohol you offer provide the stabilizing I need for green birch. Can you ship it to the NWT?

René Carrier · Technical Support · Feb 4, 2019, 14:48

I do not know if Denatured Alcohol will stabilize the wood during drying.

Denatured alcohol can be shipped via ground shipping only.

Dave Speakman · Feb 5, 2019, 11:43

Thanks. I've ordered some and I'll see how it goes. Another question:
I'm using a beeswax/linseed oil finish on my bowls. It's OK but I find ita bit dull and it discolours easily. Is there a harder, glossier food grade finish I can use on top of the first finish. Dave

René Carrier · Technical Support · Feb 5, 2019, 12:12

Do you know this product?

Varnish Oil Tried & True

Dave Speakman · Feb 5, 2019, 13:38

Thanks. I'll try it out.


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