Flour paint questions

Bee · Aug 14, 2019, 07:47


I really love the recipe for flour paint on this website but I was just wondering a couple of things about it.

Like, what is the purpose of the black soap in it? And would any liquid soap works as a substitute?

Also, how come the paint mixture will only last a week or so, when its not been used, yet when its been used and applied to wood, it lasts for years, even though it's in contact with the air, something the unused paint is suppose to be kept away from?

Also, could you use this paint recipe on non-wooden plastered walls inside a house?

Many thanks for any answers!

Marilyn · Technical Support · Aug 14, 2019, 11:24

Thanks for contacting Ardec!

The Black Soap by Finico is used to bind all the ingredients together. However, any liquid dish soap will work.

The reason that the paint mixture only lasts a week or so is because there are no preservatives in the paint. Once the paint is applied on the wood surface it hardens and there are no risks of mold.

Can’t comment on putting this paint recipe on plastered walls as we haven’t tested it.

Hope this helps!

Bee · Aug 14, 2019, 18:12

Many thanks for the reply!

Is the flour also a binder, as well as the soap, or does the flour form another purpose?

And is the reason for using the iron/ferrous sulfate not as a preservative?

Thanks for the help in understanding, and apologises for the multiple questions, just like to understand the science of the different elements, and what quality each ingredient is included for!

Marilyn · Technical Support · Aug 15, 2019, 13:56

No problem!

The flour is thickener/stabilizer, such as Sico paints use calcium carbonate.

The iron sulfate is an insecticide/fungicide.


Bee · Aug 16, 2019, 06:21

You're amazing, thanks you!

I've seen some old recipes, particularly, I think Scandinavian ones, for flour paint that specially state rye flour, as the flour to use.

And I wondered why. Do you think it could be that was just the flour they had in abundance or is there something about rye flour that gives it a different quality to regualr wheat flour?

Sorry, was just something I was pondering


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