restoring gray wood that is coated with Pareo Zero

Montreal Ouest · May 6, 2022, 10:06

I used Pareo zero colorless finish on a thermotreated ash deck which is shaded by large trees. The wood was dark and I was concerned that a tinted finish would hide the grain completely. Also tints can give an artificial, painted look. The result was perfect for the first summer, it looked great and I was happy with the product. However by October spots started to gray and over winter other spots turned jet black (see pictures).

I have lots of Pareo zero finish left over that I would like to use. The finish is durable and difficult to sand off. Is there a stripper I should use to remove it before resanding and finishing? Is there tint that does not darken the wood significantly that could be mixed into the colorless finish I already have to get more UV protection?

Finally, I think the Prato verde page on your web site is misleading and should be corrected. It claims

"Prevents wood graying while keeping the wood’s original tint"

Then below there is a separate disclaimer that colorless, natural and white finishes lack the pigments that protect against UV.

First of all, it doesn't prevent graying. It slows down graying by some factor that could be provided like sunscreen lotion (e.g. SPF 20 reduces UV by a factor of 20).
Second, if it only works when tinted with artificial pigments, then it does not keep the wood's original tint and the claim is false.

Marilyn · Technical Support · May 6, 2022, 12:29

The Wood Stain Remover by Finico will be able to remove the Pareo Zero.

Yes, it is possible to mix colored Pareo Zero to Colorless for a less intense effect. However, it should not be mixed more that a 1:1 ratio.

We appreciate the feed back. It is unfortunate that you feel this mislead.

We believe that the information is clear and honest. It is not to our advantage to give false information.

It is specified that the Colorless, Natural and White are not recommended for horizontal surface due to the lack of pigments for UV protection. Using these colors on horizontal surfaces will lead to premature graying. Using these colors on VERTICAL surfaces will prevent graying and keep the woods original tint if the case of Colorless is being used.

It is NEVER recommended to use colorless on horizontal surfaces unless they are closed in and protected from sun and weather.

We understand that keeping the woods natural color is often a preferred choice but sometimes it is necessary to change the color for the added protection. It is for this reason that sample sizes are available for color testing.

We hope that we have helped. Please feel free to contact us if further information is required.

Kind Regards,

Montreal Ouest · May 6, 2022, 12:52

Thank you for suggesting the Wood Stain Remover by Finico. I will try mixing some colored finish 1:1.
As for the information provided on the website,
"Prevents wood graying while keeping the wood’s original tint"
is simply a false statement, regardless of recommendations.
It should read
"Slows wood graying when tinted"


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