Top Oil - Should I fix one spot, or finish the whole table?

Z Suleiman · Jan 6, 2022, 19:34

Hi there,

I got a custom-made desk made for me. Last night, I guess I dropped a dime-sized drop of pre-workout. It stained the desk. I made the mistake of trying to clean it with a baby wipe (Alcohol-free, no fragrance, etc). Now that spot has turned white.

Should I finish the whole desk with the same top oil my carpenter used or just the one spot? A picture is attached.

Additionally, if I wanted to fix this properly, would it require a sand down and re-coating of everything the initial carpenter did?

Thanks everyone

Marilyn · Technical Support · Jan 7, 2022, 09:29


Would it be possible to know what top oil your carpenter used?

This would help determine what can be done to correct the situation.

Thank you!


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