Peel Away 1 resulting in unwanted finish

Alex G · Jul 31, 2022, 17:18

We’ve used a can of Peel Away 1 to varying degrees of success. We found that we had over a hundred years of white paint covering our wood trim. During our test peels was that there must have been a faux wood print. Shame I know. The residue must have been some sort of shellac mixed with linseed paint and oil covering a light pink background.

After a bit of trial in our method I’m left with this surface.

The moulding on the header of the opening I chose not to wipe down. And was left with the surface as shown. The sides of the opening have been wiped down and not sanded.

How can I fix this before my partner asks why I even tried? Thanks.

Marilyn · Technical Support · Aug 8, 2022, 11:24


We suggest trying an abrasive pad in green such as the Siavlies - 6120 Non-Woven Abrasive with the Smart Strip - Advanced Paint Remover. Then the sanding can be done.

Hope this helps!


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