What finish won’t make my oak yellow

Cortney · May 25, 2022, 16:34

We have an existing oak floor on the majority of our main level. We are purchasing new, unfinished oak floor to patch in the rest of the main level as well as the other rooms that currently have carpet. We will sand the existing floor and finish all of it the same. We are looking for a finish that looks light/natural and wont pull yellow in any way.

Pictured is the current floor and the new, unfinished floor. It’s much more yellow/orange in real life.

René Carrier · Technical Support · May 26, 2022, 13:34 · Last edit: Jun 4, 2022, 12:38


We can suggest using 3 coats of the Secondo Finishing Oil for Wooden Floors by Prato-Verde.

Or, 2 coats of the Osmo Polyx-Oil would also work.

Hope this helps!

Cortney · May 26, 2022, 14:34

Awesome. Thank you. I’m sorry, I guess I left out a bit of info. We would like a satin or matte finish. This picture is beautiful. Would you know how to achieve something like this with an oak floor?

René Carrier · Technical Support · May 26, 2022, 15:16

The most impootant thing is to make sure the surface is well prepared.

3 Sandings are required. Starting with 40 grit followed by 80 grit and finishing with 120 grit.

Once this has been done and the dust has been completely removed you can apply 2 coats of the Polyx-Oil in the matte sheen.

Kind Regards

twentykeys · May 27, 2022, 00:58

osmo makes a specific oil that fights the yellowing and its called Osmo Polyx-Oil 3051

Marilyn · Technical Support · May 27, 2022, 09:49


The Polyx-Raw 3051 is for white woods such as Pine, Maple and White Cedar to name a few. We do not recommend applying this product on your floors.

Polyx-Oil should not yellow. Sample sizes are available for color testing.

Kind Regards,

Cortney · May 27, 2022, 09:50

Thank you so much!!

[None] · May 27, 2022, 22:40

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