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Bona R880 is a firm-elastic, silane-based construction adhesive. R880 has an extremely high initial bonding strength and rapid setting formulation, and is perfect for horizontal and vertical applications alike.

The bonding process can be accelerated by lightly misting the substrate prior to application, and/or lightly misting the adhesive once applied. Great for trim, starter rows, treads, riser, stringers, balusters, stairs, vertical applications and wall treatments.

  • Easily removed from prefinished surfaces
  • Zero VOCs
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Uses a standard 10 oz. caulking gun
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates

For Professional Use Only

Directions for use

Acclimation and site conditions

Bona R880 is best applied between 10ºC and 26ºC.

Substrate preparation

Substrate must be clean, smooth, dry, free of loose material and structurally sound, with the surface slightly textured for best adhesion. Remove adhesive residue, paint, concrete curing compounds or other contaminants that may affect adhesive bond. If applicable, substrates must meet the requirements of local codes and practices.

Product limitations

On vertical surfaces, the use of mechanical fasteners may be necessary to facilitate adhesive capabilities until the final cure strength is achieved. Bona R880 is not to be used as a structural / load bearing adhesive. For interior use only.


Bona R880 needs to be applied using a standard 10 oz. caulking applicator.

  1. Cut end of tube above threads to expose adhesive.
  2. Attach supplied applicator tip to threaded end of R880 tube.
  3. Remove threaded cap and cut applicator tip to desired bead size.
  4. Apply sufficient material to the surface or surfaces being bonded. Open time for R880 is 10 minutes. NOTE: For heavier applications, especially on vertical surfaces, the use of mechanical fasteners or temporary support may be necessary until bonding strength is achieved. If additional bond strength is needed, lightly misting the substrate surface or the applied adhesive with water will accelerate the initial bonding strength. The addition of water will decrease the open time to 5 minutes.
  5. Position material to substrate as desired.
  6. Save any remaining materials by attaching provided cap. NOTE: If R880 tube is to be sealed for later use, be sure to cut the applicator tip beyond the cap threads.


Classification Wood Glues
Brand Bona
Size 10.4 fl oz tube
Sold Since May 31, 2022
SKU BR88000300USBO
UPC 737025018818

Silane-modified pre-polymer


30 lineal feet per tube with a ¼” bead


0 g/L






Product is stable 18 months from date of manufacture in
unopened, original packaging.

Store in a climate-controlled environment. Keep from freezing. Do not store for extended periods above 32°C.

Tools cleaning

Wet R880 can be cleaned up with mineral spirits. Once dried, mechanical cleaning may be necessary.

Recommended Surfaces

Wood, stone, concrete, metal, recycled rubber, floors with leveling compounds, gypsum-based substrates (floor and wall), OSB, plywood, mastic asphalt floors (with intact sand surface).

Application Temperature

Bona R880 is best applied between 10ºC and 26ºC

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