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EcoPoxy Graduated Mixing cups have been designed with EcoPoxy product users in mind and are customized for woodworkers and artists. They feature easy-to-read scales and clearly labeled ratio guides with both metric and US customary units, allowing for consistent results with correct mixi ratios every time.

EcoPoxy Graduated Mixing Cups are available in four different sizes: 300ml, 750ml, 2L, and 4L. The smaller sizes are ideal for mixing UVPoxy, while the larger sizes are perfectly suited for FlowCast SPR application. Made with high-quality materials, these mixing cups can be cleaned and reused over and over again.

  • Easy measuring: Multiple scales on one cup
  • Precise measuring: Perfect mix ratios every time
  • Convenient: Cup sizes for all types of projects
  • 1:1 and 2:1 scales: Customized for woodworkers and artists.


1 unit · 2 L
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1 unit · 4 L
$4.16 In stock
1 unit · 300 ml
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1 unit · 750 ml
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Classification Accessories / Containers
Brand EcoPoxy
Size 1 unit
Sold Since July 21, 2023


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