Notched EcoPoxy Spreader 4" by EcoPoxy

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The perfect tool for evenly spreading EcoPoxy on large, flat surfaces. This tool gives you 3 v-notched spreading options and a flat side for scraping and cleaning.

  • 1/8" perfect for thin sealer coats.
  • 3/16" used for most finish coats, leaving about 50-60 sq ft per gallon (15 sq ft per litre) and giving you a rich, glossy finish.
  • 1/4" for extra heavy coats.



Classification Epoxy Resins for Wood
Accessories / Applicators
Brand EcoPoxy
Size 1 unit
Sold Since May 6, 2018
UPC 628199905267



4.25" x 4.25"x x 0.125"

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fantastic tool - insane price

Phil Tibble · Feb 22, 2022

$2?! like thats a dollar store price but this aint no use and toss. it works great. I have used it on a variety of pours and never fails to be helpful. I especially like the fine teeth. really helps the spread even out.

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