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Deck.Oil - Oil for Outdoor Use by Vermeister


A vegetable based protective oil offering a very high performance, Deck.Oil is the result of a very careful selection of various natural oils and waxes that have been perfectly balanced and studied for outdoor application.

Deck.Oil, in the neutral or coloured version, protects the wood from atmospheric agents and, in particular, from sun rays, while leaving its natural breathability unaltered. The deep penetration into the wood, the ease of application and restoration without requiring intermediate sanding, the exceptional resistance to water and to UV rays all make Deck.Oil the ideal product for treating any wooden item for outdoor use.

Directions for Use

To optimise the application of both coloured and neutral oils, it is essential to prepare the base with the utmost care, removing all traces of any previous finishing treatment and using a fine grain paper 100/120 last to sand the floor. Vacuum the floor carefully to remove all traces of dust and/or impurities.

Apply of a thin, uniform coat of Deck.Oil, either coloured or neutral, using a roller short hair, brush, pad, trowel or wax spreader. Take particular care to remove any excess product by ragging or, alternatively, after about 5/15 minutes by polishing with a single disc machine using a white or beige disc (excessively long intervals may make buffing difficult and in the case of high quantities of product an absorbent cloth must be placed under the disc to soak up the excess oil). The buffing phase using a single disc buffer with a white or beige pad improves the penetration of the Deck.Oil into the wood considerably, leading to faster drying times.

Old greying floors and also particular species of wood rich in natural oils and/or fatty substances that may hinder the drying of Deck.Oil (e.g. IPE’ LAPACHO), can be cleaned in advance with a wood cleaner & brightener before starting the treatment; if this preliminary operation is carried out, we recommend the application of a first, abundant coat of Deck.Oil: about 100/150 sq.ft./L until the pores of the wood are completely saturated and then any excess product must be removed as described above.

The second coat can be applied after an interval of 12/24 hours.

The duration of this treatment varies greatly according to the exposure of the location and the intensity of the traffic. In particular, floors exposed to salt air and intense sunlight will require more frequent restoration of the protective layer.

Excess product may cause stickiness and reduce the duration of the treatment.


Classification Oils & Oil Finishes for Wood
Brand Vermeister
Sold Since June 14, 2018
Drying Time
  • Before polishing: 5/15 minutes
  • Ready for overcoating: 12/24 hours
  • Ready for light traffic: 24/48 hours
  • Ready for careful use: 3/5 days
  • Completely hard: 10/15 days

100 to 250 sq ft / L



Tools cleaning

Oil thinner or mineral spirit

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