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Maintenance product for oil treated indoor and outdoor wood floors

Oil.Care is an emulsion of waxes, natural oils, modified oils and special anti-UV additives for the maintenance of outdoor floors treated with Deck.Oil or indoor floors treated with Pro.Oil and Fix.Oil.

The oily component of Oil.Care repairs the treatment oil that has deteriorated due to exposure to atmospheric agents and penetrates into the wood providing in-depth protection. The water repellent wax prevents water from entering the pores in the wood, while the anti-UV additives delay the deterioration of the lignin.

Oil.Care is also suitable for protecting all wood products treated with impregnation products, both indoors and out (garden furniture, wooden partitions, beams, fences, etc.).

Directions for Use

Always shake the product before use. Dilute the product with 4-5 parts of clean water. Distribute a thin, even layer over the floor using a cotton cloth. Alternatively, the product can be sprayed and then rubbed in evenly with a cotton cloth or with a polisher using a beige or white pad. Do not use excessive quantities of product to avoid creating shiny patches and/or stickiness. The frequency of the maintenance can be set according to requirements. In general, Oil.Care is applied once every 1-2 months, but according to the traffic and the atmospheric conditions, it may be necessary to apply the product more often. For normal cleaning operations, we recommend washing the floor with water and a neutral detergent. The treated surfaces are ready for traffic after 30 minutes, but it is highly recommended to carry out the treatment when the floor can be left without traffic for the following 12 hours.


Classification Wood Maintenance
Brand Vermeister
Size 1 L
Sold Since June 12, 2018
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Drying Time

30 minutes. (Complete drying: 12 hours)




Store above freezing.

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