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Soap.Oil Vermeister a natural, nourishing detergent for cleaning and maintaining wood floors with a Fix.Oil finish.

Soap.Oil is based on real coconut soap, the most sought-after natural detergent. It cleans and nourishes the wood fibres giving the floor a particularly uniform and matt appearance. Do not use on coated floors.

Directions for use

Mix well before use. Do not pour directly on the floor.

Dilute 5% of the product in water (0.05 in 1 lt of water, in other words approx. 1 capful for every litre of water), soak a cotton cloth in the solution, wring out and wipe over the surface of the floor.

Once dry, it will leave a protective layer of soap on the surface. Soap.Oil should be used once-twice a week. In the case of floors with heavy traffic, the treatment can be repeated more often.


Classification Wood Maintenance
Brand Vermeister
Size 1 L
Sold Since June 12, 2018
UPC 8033162540918
Drying Time

20 / 30 minutes




5% per litre of water (1 capful per litre of water)


Store at room temperature


Coton mop

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