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Polywhite is a water-based pigmented polyurethane lacquer that has exceptional coverage. When used with the Proprime Sanding Sealer, a single coat is enough to achieve full opacity and provide increased resistance to abrasion and household products.

Polywhite is a high-end Italian lacquer that provides an opaque finish. The Polywhite pigmented polyurethane lacquer is easy to spray and easy to use. Polywhite is ideal for finishing cabinets and kitchen tables, bathroom vanities, custom furniture, woodwork and interior doors.

  • Requires only one coat
  • Easy to apply, dries quickly
  • Mild, non-annoying odour
  • Excellent opacity
  • Increased resistance to abrasion and household products
  • High solids content
  • Easy cleaning with water
  • Does not turn yellow
  • Very low in VOC (80 g / L)
  • Can be colored in pastel colors

Polywhite can be ordered tinted, we can reproduce most pastel colors of Sico®, Benjamin Moore® and Sherwin Williams®. However please note that colors of the Benjamin Moore CC series (Canadian Colours) can no longer be replicated through our coloring system.

Directions for use


  • Polywhite should be diluted with water with 7-15% water per volume, depending on the equipment used.
  • To increase the resistance to abrasion and household chemicals, it is possible to incorporate 5% Procat crosslinking catalyst by volume into the mixture.
  • It is possible to use Mixol to slightly color the product. It is strongly recommended to perform a test with a small quantity of product beforehand. Do not exceed 90 ml of dye per liter of Polywhite.
  • Finely sand the surface to be finished with sandpaper with grit adapted to the desired type of finish.
  • Some solvent-based primers may prevent proper lacquer adhesion if not completely cured. Ensure primers have been sanded with at least a 320/400 grit paper, and that any risk of contamination has been eliminated.
    Proprime Primer is recommended as an undercoat before applying Polyblanc.

  • The surface must be clean and free of oil, dust and any contaminants that may cause weak adhesion or create fisheyes. Clean the surface with water or denatured alcohol. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying


  • Mix the product well.
  • To achieve perfect atomization, use equipment with a 1.8 mm needle.
  • Apply a coat and let dry 30 minutes. If necessary, apply a second coat.
  • If more than 24 hours have passed between two applications, lightly sand the surface with very fine sandpaper.
  • Drying time may vary depending on film thickness, humidity and temperature.
  • Spray Polywhite using a conventional HVLP airless / air assisted or turbine system. Consult the manufacturer's recommendations to determine the configuration of the parameters based on the viscosity of the coating and the intended use.

Color matches

We can reproduce the colors of Benjamin Moore®, Sherwin William® and Sico®.


Les produits de finition Ardec inc, is not affiliated with Benjamin Moore®, Sherwin William® and Sico®. All color names and color codes are references for color matching only and are not owned by Les produits de finition Ardec inc. Color names and color codes are specific to each brand, i.e. Benjamin Moore®, Sherwin William® and Sico®.

Color matches are made with industry Best Practices, Standards and Procedures to ensure correct color continuity and standards when referenced with the color name and code provided by the customer. While we strive to create an exact match and repeatability of the color requested, we have no control over color shifts or changes that may take place when the color chip is referenced by both the customer and by our color lab. We offer no warranty, guarantee, implied or expressed, when matching outside brand colors.


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Classification Wood Lacquers
Brand Ardec
  • 946 ml
  • 3.78 L
  • 18.9 L
Sold Since April 5, 2019
Drying Time

60 minutes. Drying time can vary according to thickness applied, temperature and / or humidity

  • 100 square feet per liter
  • 400 square feet per gallon

80 g / L




Water 7 to 15%


White liquid


Store in a dry and temperate place. Close the container well after use. Protect from frost.

Shelf Life

1 Year

Tools cleaning

Warm soapy water




75 (+ or - 2 sec) Ford cup 4

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