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The interface pad is used in combination with hook & loop sanding discs for sanding rounded surfaces and contours, with Mirka® NET products.

Using the interface pad will also produce a softer result. The Interface pad is placed between the backing pad and the sanding disc.


Reducing vibrations when sanding with interface pad and Mirka DEROS Sander.

When a pad saver or interface is used for sanding, the set-up may increase the level of vibration. Your Mirka® tool has a feature allowing you to reduce this vibration. To reduce vibration when using a pad saver or interface please follow these steps:

1. Disconnect power cable.
2. Remove backing pad.
3. Add hex nuts and screws in accordance with the table below, tighten to 2 Nm.

Reducing vibrations when sanding with pad saver or interface

The 5 inch (33 holes) interface pad can be used with most 5 inch (8 holes) sanding pads.


1 unit · 6" Disc - ⅜" Thick
$27.56 In stock
5 units · 5" Disc - ⅜" Thick
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5 units · 6" Disc - ⅜" Thick
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Classification Sanding & Polishing / Equipments & Accessories
Brand Mirka
  • 1 unit
  • 5 units
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