206 Slow Hardener by West System

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206 Slow Hardener is formulated for general coating and bonding applications when extended working and cure time are needed or to provide adequate working time at higher temperatures.

105/206 forms a high-strength, moisture-resistant solid with excellent bonding and barrier coating properties.

Not intended for clear coating, use 207 Special Clear Hardener instead.


207 ml (Group Size A)
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814 ml (Group Size B)
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3.58 L (Group Size C)
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Classification Epoxy Resins for Wood
Brand West System
  • 207 ml (Group Size A)
  • 814 ml (Group Size B)
  • 3.58 L (Group Size C)
Sold Since December 9, 2020
Drying Time
  • Pot life: 20 to 25 minutes
  • Working time: 90 to 110 minutes
  • Cure to a solid state: 10 to 15 hrs
  • Cure to working strength: 1 to 4 days

Epoxy cures faster in warmer temperatures and in thicker applications. It also cures slower in cooler temperatures and in thinner applications.

  • Porous surfaces: 75 to 90 sq ft / L
  • Non porous surfaces: 100 to 115 sq ft / L

Coating Coverage Chart



Mix Ratio

5 parts resin : 1 part hardener

Working Temperature

Min. recommended temp.: 60°F (16°C)

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