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Best hardwood filler for use with OSMO Polyx-Oil

Rui Sequeira · Apr 27, 2020, 22:05

Hi, I have about 830sq feet of maple hardwood flooring to refinish with OSMO Polyx-Oil. What is the best wood filler available?

Marilyn · Technical Support · Apr 28, 2020, 10:09


Thanks for contacting Ardec!

The best solution would be Zero Filler by Vermeister with sanding dust. The dust you get from sanding your floors. Mixed together they will make a paste to which you use as a wood filler.

Follow manufacturer instructions carefully and you will be all set!

Rui Sequeira · Apr 28, 2020, 18:25

Hi Marilyn,
Will do! Thank you for your reply and advice.


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